Movies with the most Oscars: The best movies of the last decade

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The Oscar is the nickname for the most prestigious film award in the United States, which has been awarded by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1929. In this article, we reveal to you - the films with the most Oscars in the last decade,

We prepared a retrospective film marathon with movies with the most Oscars, making them among the best films of the last decade.

Movies with the most Oscars in the last decade

1. Parasites, 2009

The South Korean director excelled with a social satire that follows a poor family living in poor living conditions and through a combination of circumstances infiltrates the life of another extremely rich family. But who guarantees them that they are the only ones who, in addition to work, enjoy what the luxurious house has to offer? The witty, touching, tense and shocking drama impressed with its suggestiveness and way of depicting the social abyss, and at the Oscars the film won 4 Oscars – for the best international film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture Overall.

2. Birdman, 2014

Birdman took home the win at the 87th Academy Awards 4 Oscars. In addition to the director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, the creators received awards for the best screenplay and cinematography, and the film was crowned with the key award - for the best film that year. The plot follows Michael Keaton as Riggan Thomson, a creative who hopes his Broadway production will give his career a new boost. The premiere is approaching, but he encounters a lot of obstacles. Due to the actor's injury, he has to hire an unusual replacement (Edward Norton) while dealing with his girlfriend, daughter and ex-wife.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody, 2018

The much-anticipated film unleashed an avalanche of praise for actor Rami Malek and aimed to portray the phenomenon of Queen and Freddie Mercury. Although, according to many, the film did not show Freddie's story in its entirety, it did fantastic cast and an impressive musical score made it unforgettable. The wider audience quickly ranked it among the favorites of the year, but film critics and long-time chroniclers of the famous group pointed out many shortcomings. Nevertheless, the film won 4 Oscars in the categories of Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, Best Editing and Best Actor (Malek).

4. King's speech, 2010

The film, starring Colin Firth, won overall 4 Oscars and together with Inception in 2010 achieved the biggest triumph of that year. Besides that it is was the best movie was also awarded for Best Director, Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. The story is based on a true story and follows Prince Albert (Firth) of England, who must succeed to the throne and become King George VI, and a speech error puts him under great pressure. His wife Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) hires a professional actor and therapist (Geoffrey Rush) to help him solve the problem, and the relationship between the two men blossoms into an unlikely friendship.

5. The Artist, 2011

At the award ceremony in 2011, The Artist tied with Scorsese's Hugo to win 5 Oscars, including Best Picture. It was also awarded in the categories of best original music, costume design, leading actor and direction. It became the first film of French production to win an award in the main category, and introduced the audience to the black-and-white saga of actor George Valentin (Jean Dujardin). The audience adores him, he is the biggest star of the 1920s, and on the set of the film he falls in love with the young actress Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo). However, things are changing in the world and the film industry. The appearance of sound in movies drives these lovers apart, because as Peppy's career grows, George slowly sinks into oblivion.

6. Hugo, 2011

The legendary Martin Scorsese received 11 Oscar nominations for Hugo. Although he received the same number oscars (5) like the aforementioned The Artist, Hugo is mostly won the technical categories, such as Best Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Art Direction and Cinematography. When it comes to mass audiences, it remains one of Scorsese's least recognizable films. The story follows an abandoned boy, Hugo Cabaret (Asa Butterfield), who lives behind the walls of a train station in 1930s Paris. He is tasked with maintaining a large clock at the station, but the real mission begins when he seeks to uncover the secret of his late father (Jude Law). Hugo sets out on an adventure to unravel the mystery and find a place he can finally call home.

7. Mad Max, 2015

Mad Max is specific because of the way it was filmed, but also because of the relationship between Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. In 2015, he was written about thanks to 6 Oscars. Most of the awards won are technical in nature - Best Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Makeup, Costume Design, Production Design and Best Editing. The film followed Furiosa, who, years after the collapse of civilization, plans to escape with the tyrant's wives and must team up with former fugitive and recluse Max Rockatansky (Hardy).

8. La La Land, 2016

Damien Chazelle's musical received a fascinating 14 nominations, making it the most nominated film of all time, alongside All About Eve and Titanic. He just won them over 6 Oscars, including Academy Awards for Production Design, Best Original Song, Cinematography, Original Score, Best Actress and Best Director. Above all, the irresistibly charming La La Land tells the story of a couple - young Mia, who wants to become an actress, and Sebastian, who dreams of his own jazz club. In Los Angeles, they try to make it as individuals as well as as a couple, often facing various obstacles along the way.

9. Gravity, 2013

Graviry is a film that received just 7 Oscars. He dominated in technical categories such as sound mixing, sound editing, visual effects, as well as original music, editing, cinematography. The highlight of the evening was the victory of Alfonso Cuaron in the category of best director. The story follows Sandra Bullock in the lead role of engineer Ryan Stone, who embarks on his first space mission. Its commander is played by Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney), for whom this is supposed to be the last mission before retirement. However, their vessel is destroyed and they end up without any connection to Earth. After the initial fear and panic, they realize that their only solution is to go further into space.

10. Everything Everywhere All at Once, 2022

This year's Oscar winner, the film Everything Everywhere All at Once, after an incredible nomination in as many as eleven categories, picked up 7 Oscars and tied with 1013's Gravity. The absurd, philosophical, genre-bending action comedy changed the face of the awards in some significant ways. An inclusive tale of a Chinese-American family, queer romance, and harnessing the power of love to survive an IRS audit and save the multiverse, it was a one-of-a-kind hit, and its legend is only likely to grow from here on out. Fans and critics alike have praised almost every aspect of the film and are already calling it a postmodern classic. Rarely is a film known for its action, humor and heart, and it clearly deserved every nomination and subsequent win.

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