The new BMW 7 Series: extravagantly different and somehow also electric

The new BMW 7 Series

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It is necessary to admit! Recently, BMW presents many cars with a view to the future. Above all, recently opinions have been divided about the design, which divides the camps of BMW supporters. This is also the case with the new BMW 7 Series.

If we look a little back into the past and just remember the extravagant mask of the BMW 4 series, which was not approved at the time of presentation, but we quickly got used to it. So we can only hope that it will be the same with the new BMW 7 Series. This one is even a little more extravagant. But not just a mask. Many elements on the car are quite interestingly chosen, and many people will not like the car in both photos and videos.

But it is a fact that it is difficult for us to judge because, as external observers, we do not have all the information. However, it is definitely part of a design strategy adapted to a taste that is not European and strongly flirts with Asia. There to a certain direction of car design completely different and where there is a market, there it is necessary to be successful. BMW is thus adapting its design to the Chinese market, where this "week" will be extremely successful in sales. Mercedes-Benz is also adapting to this design trend.

Photo: BMW

However, in the humble opinion of our editors, BMW has another challenge. BMW is trying to go electric with amphibians. So cars that work in both the new and the old world and offer both classic and electric drive. It is also identical with the 7 series, which lives in both worlds. With this, BMW loses its so-called "edge" and is completely out of touch with trends. Namely, if we really adapt to electricity, it is possible to create a completely different story in the car in terms of architecture and engineering. This makes these types of cars much more competitive, for example, with the industry leader. Such proof at BMW is the new BMW iX, which is a real electric car and an extremely interesting product - if not the best in its segment, which seems to be the real future of the BMW brand. So, in a way, better than the Tesla X. And this moment without competition.

But BMW is not the only one that is a bit shy. Mercedes-Benz and Audi have also chosen such a transition to electricity. The differences are in the nuances and "courage" of a particular brand. Here at BMW, we would somehow expect a more courageous and decisive move into the world of new mobility.

Appearance – the new BMW 7 Series

It follows the look that was introduced on the facelifted X7 earlier this month. The sedan features a split headlight design that gives BMW more freedom to create a unique lighting signature. The new week will also have an illuminated mask. Aligned door handles and a more pronounced Hofmeister bend have been distinctive for some time, livening up the otherwise subdued side profile. The side profile is inspired by the 4th generation of the E65 seven, which was always considered the "ugliest" seven of all time. The design was rather "non-standard" for that time, as is typical for this week. There are no surprises in the rear. These are fairly well-known techniques that we have known for some time. So, if the front part of the new BMW cars changes a lot, they are unanimous in the rear that things work. The rear has stylish taillights, available with black or chrome accents. Although there is no official M7, the top models of the 7 Series will get quad tailpipes. The electric i7 will have a similar rear design, but it will hide the exhausts. BMW has also redesigned the badging style as well, highlighting the model number above the version that will come to other BMW models in the future. But it is a new week, longer and higher than the previous generation. And such a really big car. This is also why the rims of 20" and more turn out to be quite small.

Only about electricity - the new BMW 7 Series

Of course! The BMW 7 Series will hit the roads with a "dinosaur" drive and fully electric drive. It seems to us that in 2022, charging an electric car will not be a problem for premium customers. This is also why we hoped for a brave move by the manufacturer, who could only take risks in this segment with an electric car and a large premium battery. With this, I could start the transition to the electric future a little more seriously and with bigger steps. And these are especially important in the premium class, where the price of the car is not a decisive factor. Buyers of cars over 100,000 euros do not count money in the manner or principle of ordinary mortals.

BMW will offer the new 7 Series with two gasoline engines – a 3.0-liter turbo or a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8. Both are connected to a 48-volt mild hybrid assistance system. The i7 offers full electrification with two electric motors that together pump out 543 horsepower (399 kilowatts) and 744 newton meters of constant torque. BMW estimates that the range of the new seven will be around 482 kilometers, according to WLTP this means somewhere around 590 km, which is realistic only for "urban" and suburban driving and not a mixed cycle. So you can count on a real range of under 500 kilometers, which is not enough for a premium vehicle. Let me just mention the EQS and its realistic range of 600 km (Mercedes EQS 450+), which is the magic limit that a premium electric vehicle in 2022 must reach. Namely, this is the hypothetical range of a business trip on a single charge. For example, Ljubljana - Munich.

BMW's new week is special! It stirs spirits in pictures and video. Which is correct. And I believe that it will be much more imposing in person than in the pictures. Certain cars are just not photogenic.

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