New Mac Studio: The most powerful Mac for video creators and those who need more

It offers up to 6 times more capacity

Mac Studio
Photo: Apple

Mac Studio, armed with the latest M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips, making it the most powerful Mac Apple has ever offered.

Mac Studio exceeds all expectations in its compact form, powered by M2 Max and M2 Ultra, Apple's latest chips. It achieves up to 6 times the performance of Intel's most powerful 27-inch iMac, which is like comparing a mountain bike to Formula One.

With the M2 Max chip, Mac Studio promises to 50% faster performance compared to the previous generation Mac Studio and is up to 4 times faster than Intel's most powerful 27-inch iMac. It offers a 12-core CPU, up to a 38-core GPU and up to 96GB of combined memory with 400GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Mac Studio
Photo: apple
But if we talk about the Mac Studio with the M2 Ultra chip, it pushes the limits of performance. It offers twice the performance of the M2 Max and is up to 3 times faster than the previous generation Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra, which is like comparing a fast city bike to a high-performance sports car. Features include a 24-core CPU, up to a 76-core GPU, and up to a whopping 192GB of combined memory with 800GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Developing apps with Xcode will see up to 25% faster performance with the M2 Max, which is like gaining extra hours in the day. Meanwhile, motion designers using After Effects will notice up to 50% faster rendering. Mac Studio with M2 Ultra will give 3D artists with Octane the ability to render up to 3x faster, while colorists with DaVinci Resolve will achieve up to 50% faster video processing.

As is usual for Apple, Mac Studio does not hide its advanced connectivity. It now offers higher HDMI bandwidth, supporting up to 8K resolution and 240Hz refresh rates. Mac Studio with M2 Ultra can support up to six Pro Display XDR monitors, providing an incredible amount of work surface for professional workflows. It also offers advanced built-in wireless technologies. Wi-Fi 6E provides transfer speeds that are up to twice as fast as the previous generation, and Bluetooth 5.3 enables connection with the latest Bluetooth accessories.

Mac Studio
Photo: apple
The Mac Studio includes four Thunderbolt 4 ports, a 10Gb Ethernet port, an advanced HDMI input and two USB-A inputs on the back. On the front, it has two USB-C ports and an SD card slot, which makes it easy to import photos and videos.

The saying goes that "a little goes a long way when it's good," which definitely applies to Mac Studio. Despite its compact size, this machine delivers superior performance that exceeds all expectations. It's like a small square with a lot of power that fits in both home and professional studios.

Apple is once again pushing the envelope with its latest product, Mac Studio. Whether you're a developer, designer, or video editing professional, Mac Studio with M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips will provide the power you need to handle the most demanding tasks. With a wide range of connectivity options and support for advanced wireless technologies, Mac Studio is the right choice for anyone looking for the best technology on the market. Mac Studio is available to order today, with shipping beginning Tuesday, June 13. Don't miss your chance to own this exceptional computer.

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