The new Renault Espace 2024: a new image of the iconic MPV

2024 Renault Espace; Photo: media.renault.com

Renault is a recognized name in the automotive industry, and their Espace model is a long-standing icon among MPVs. The Espace has been transporting families in Europe since 1984 and has been a popular choice for people looking for a spacious and practical vehicle. The Renault Espace has come a long way since its beginnings, and the latest sixth-generation model will continue this tradition. Let's see what the new Renault Espace 2024 has to offer.

New Renault Espace 2024 differs in design from its predecessors. It ditches all the features of a minivan and adopts a style more akin to popular crossovers. It's basically a long-wheelbase version of the Austral compact crossover with some minor design changes. It's the new Espace 14 centimeters shorter and 215 kilograms lighter than its single-compartment predecessor. It is also driven 32 millimeters lower and has a more spacious third row, but you can also order it with only five seats.

2024 Renault Espace; Photo: media.renault.com

The volume of the trunk varies from 159 liters with all seven seats installed to the hefty 1,818 liters in a five-seat configuration with the second row folded. For smaller items, additional ones are available throughout the cabin 39 liters storage space. To make the passenger cabin even more spacious, customers can opt for a massive glass roof that measures 1.33 x 0.84 meters.

Renault Espace 2024 is available in three trim levels: Techno, Iconic and the richest Esprit Alpine. It even has a basic model 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and 12-inch touch screen, 9.3-inch and a projection screen is available for an additional fee. Your devices will never run out of power, as there are two USB-C ports for each row in addition to a wireless charging pad and a pair of 12-volt sockets.

2024 Renault Espace; Photo: media.renault.com

The new Espace drives 1.3 liter petrol turbocharged engine, in the form full hybrid with a pair of electric motors. A three-cylinder engine can do it 131 horsepower and 205 newton meters of torque, and the main electric motor 68 horsepower and 205 newton meters of torque. The second e-motor acts as a starter s 25 horsepower and 50 newton meters of torque. Renault says it has the driver together 199 horsepower. Renault claims that by adopting a hybrid powertrain, they have reduced fuel consumption by as much as 40 percent, on everything 4.7 liters/100 km.

2024 Renault Espace; Photo: media.renault.com

In addition to the more sophisticated multi-link rear suspension, the Espace has another ace up its sleeve compared to most conventional SUVs in its segment. It boasts rear-wheel steering, which shortens the turning circle on Clios 10.4 meters. At higher speeds, the rear wheels turn to for greater stability one degrees in the same direction as the front wheels. The new Renault Espace will be available to order already that spring.

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