Small gestures of love to show your partner that you love him!

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Why are small gestures of love so important in a relationship? How can we keep the spark and closeness in everyday life?

What are they gestures of love? In a partner relationship, common habits are built, which confirm intimacy and connection day by day and eventually begin to be taken for granted. This is the power of everyday life, yes good things that become a habit, somehow lose value.

We usually remember unpleasant moments - arguments, anger, fear of losing a partner or even the question of why we are in a relationship in the first place... This is the dynamic of partner life. We move forward for a while, then drift apart to come together again. However, this dynamic does not benefit the relationship, and eventually we drift apart if we do not invest in consciously nurturing the relationship.

Gestures of love can help you with this! Let's say - deliberate and conscious investment in the relationship, showing attention and respect. Small things that show your partner that you care about them, their happiness, comfort, feelings and needs.

How to nurture a relationship with a partner with gestures of love?

1. Prepare his favorite food

Whether or not you're skilled in the kitchen, you definitely know what your partner's favorite food is. If you fail to prepare it, you can buy it or hire someone to prepare it.

Maybe it's a box of his favorite cookies or a treat he loves—something small to show him you're thinking of him and want to make him happy. To break away from the routine, it can be a good idea to go on an adventure together to prepare his favorite cake.

Prepare him/her favorite dish. Photo: Anastasia Shuraeva / Pexels

2. Sweet messages

You may have a busy schedule that doesn't leave enough time for shared moments in your day, but messages as gestures of love can help bridge that gap. If you get up and go to work before your partner, leave a note on his pillow - those two sweet words "I love you", which he will see first when he gets up, will brighten his day.

On a piece of paper that you will stick to the cup of coffee, write how you love his coffee. These small additions to communication are a reminder that you are present in the relationship and that you care.

3. Spend the day in "his shoes"

Whether it's playing video games, watching sporting events, or trying something your partner enjoys, make an effort to follow through. Delve into his interests, even if they may not seem that appealing to you. This shows him respect. This action means that you are trying to understand and connect with him on his level, which can strengthen the relationship.

4. Presence and listening

When you're spending time with your partner, put your phone down and really focus on them. Be really present and talk to him.

Ask him how his day was and listen to what he tells you. Active listening is not only a gesture of love, but also one of the most valuable forms of support you can offer someone. Everyone needs to feel seen and heard—this is the validation of importance and value, the feedback we seek in all relationships.

Surprise him/her with crazy kissing. Photo: Dimitri Kuliuk / Pexels

5. Surprise him

Is he talking about a concert I'd like to go to? Or did he express a desire to visit a certain place? Surprise him with a ticket or plan a trip.

Big gestures of love are important, but even small surprises can do wonders. This shows him that you are paying attention to his wishes and that you are working to make his dreams come true.

6. Initiate sex

Approach him the way you know he enjoys. Maybe he likes long romantic dinners, sipping wine by candlelight, scented bath and massage.

Or is it more for spontaneous and passionate moments. Show him that you are ready to fulfill his wants and needs in a way that suits him.

7. Don't underestimate the power of a compliment

Simply say how well that blue shirt fits him or how you like his smile, his hands. Give him a direct compliment on his physical appearance and show him that you see him as desirable and handsome.

Also praise his intelligence, his problem-solving approach, and always express your gratitude for having him by your side. Observing and praising his strengths and values are important for building self-esteem in a relationship.

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