New Honda Accord 2024: Japanese technological gem with buttons instead of gears

Honda Accord 2024:

Nova Honda Accord 2024
Photo: Honda

The new Honda Accord 2024 was presented to the world public!

A new one Honda Accord 2024 leans on its predecessors in design, with the influence of the model being noticeable Honda Civic, from which he adopted quite a few technological solutions. The exterior remains true to its recognizable design. The front is adorned with a narrow LED headlights and a hexagonal mask. The rear, however, boasts lights that stretch from one end of the car to the other.

Photo: Honda

The dashboard has undergone a makeover and now hosts a new bezel for the digital instrument cluster. Although the screen size has remained the same, Honda has added some "make-up" around it and, as icing on the cake, a 10.5-inch projection screen for the new Honda Accord 2024.

Photo: Honda
Photo: Honda

Move left to the center console and you'll find the same 12.3-inch screen as the 2023 US model. But below? Forget those old air conditioning buttons! Instead, there's a large round button that Honda affectionately calls the “Experience Selector” (or at least that's how we think it translates from the Japanese). This magic button takes care of everything - from heating to ventilation. And yes, you can set it to your liking, just like choosing your favorite song on the radio!

But that's not all! The area in front of the center console armrest is now cleaner as the traditional automatic transmission shifter is gone. Instead, it's replaced by four buttons that represent the positions P, R, N and D. Behind them are the buttons for the driving modes and the electronic parking brake.

Photo: Honda

The Japanese automaker says the 2024 Honda Accord has a "newly developed" two-motor hybrid system. In the US, this engine makes 204 horsepower [152 kW] and 247 pound-feet of torque [335 Nm].

Honda Accord 2024 is the right combination of tradition and innovation. With it, Honda proves that it is always one step ahead of the competition and that it is ready for the future of motoring. Are you ready to ride the future? The Honda Accord has a rich history and has been synonymous with reliability and innovation for decades. This model is just a continuation of that tradition, which promises more in the future.

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