STOP cleaning the windows of a house or apartment! This is the miracle trick for self-cleaning windows: more than a year without dirt!

Discover how to clean your windows just once a year.

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Tired of frequent window cleaning? We reveal to you a trick used by car detailing experts. This method promises that you will only clean your windows once a year, no matter how large the glass surfaces you have in your home. We present to you a miracle trick for self-cleaning windows!

A miracle trick for self-cleaning windows?! Keeping windows clean is often a time-consuming and tiring task, especially if you have large glass surfaces at home. But there is a solution that will simplify your life - ceramic coatings, which are known in the automotive world.

Specialists in car detailing have discovered that ceramic coatings such as Gyon Q² View, are not only a great choice for windshields, they are also effective on the windows of your home. These coatings create a protective layer that reduces dirt build-up and repels water and other elements such as dust. We tested the latter ourselves!

The advantage of using such coatings is their durability. The coating lasts up to 12 months on car windows, and up to 36 months on side windows. This means that, if used correctly, your windows could stay clean for most of the year without additional cleaning.

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Gyeon Q² View 2x20 ml
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So let's look at the miracle trick for self-cleaning windows!

Application of the coating is simple. Apply it to a clean, dry glass surface, let it dry, and it's ready to resist. The coating not only keeps the glass clean, but also improves its transparency, which helps to make your home look better.

Gyon Q² View
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In addition to saving you time, coatings are also an environmentally friendly solution. They reduce the need for frequent use of cleaning agents, which is a step towards sustainable living. So if you're looking for a way to reduce your ecological footprint while keeping your home shiny, ceramic coatings are a great choice.


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Čiščenje oken ne mora biti več mesečno opravilo. Z uporabo inovativnih rešitev, ki jih ponuja avtomobilska industrija, lahko ohranjate svoja okna čista in jasna z minimalnim trudom. Poskusite, morda vas preseneti, kako enostavno je ohranjati čistočo in jasnost vaših oken skozi celo leto.

Detailed instructions for applying ceramic protection

Instructions for applying the coating GYEON Q2 View are as follows:

  • Clean the glass thoroughly with a high quality glass cleaner such as Q2 Glass.
  • Apply CLEANSE. Divide the windshield into four quadrants and apply 3-4 drops of CLEANSE to the thick applicator included in the kit. Apply the cleaner in circular motions until a slightly foggy layer remains on the glass.
  • Remove CLEANSE. Use two BaldWipe cloths, dampen one with lukewarm water and let the other dry. Remove CLEANSE residue with a wet cloth, then dry the glass with a dry cloth.
  • Apply REPEL. REPEL is a fluorine-based coating designed for maximum hydrophobic properties. Use the included foam block and suede applicator. Apply REPEL to a quarter of the windshield at a time. Since the coating is fluorine-based, it will evaporate almost immediately, so do not apply too much.
  • Apply REPEL also on the windshield wipers. If you do not do this, the wipers will "jump" over the glass. Leave the wiper away from the glass for 5-10 minutes after applying REPEL.

A ceramic coating on a windshield can help to improve its performance in rainy conditions. The ceramic material used in the coating is highly water-repellent, which can help to reduce the amount of water that sticks to the surface of the glass. This can improve visibility and reduce the need for wipers during light rain. In addition, the smooth, non-stick surface of the ceramic coating can make it easier to remove water droplets from the windshield, which can help to further improve visibility. However, it is important to note that a ceramic coating is not a substitute for proper windshield wiper maintenance and operation. Even with a ceramic coating, it is still necessary to use wipers to clear water and other contaminants from the windshield in heavy rain or other adverse weather conditions. It is also important to ensure that your wipers are in good condition and properly adjusted to provide the best possible visibility. #ceramiccoating #rain #windshield

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