2024 will be the year of the Wooden Dragon: does it bring you money, love and happiness?!

Year of the Wooden Dragon

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2024 will be the year of the Wood Dragon, the most vital creature of the Chinese zodiac: 2024 will really make a mark. Discover what this mystical sign brings to everyone born this year. And, of course, to everyone else who will experience it in a special way!

Wooden Dragon – a creature full of mystery and energy. After Chinese horoscope 2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon, which means that the time is coming for all those born under this powerful sign. According to Chinese astrology, each year represents a certain animal, and the Dragon is one of the most vital signs.

Known for their creativity and curiosity, Wood Dragons love to explore and take different paths in life. This makes them open and liberal. In 2024, which begins on February 10 and runs until January 28, 2025, will be characterized by the energy of this sign. If you want to find out what the Chinese zodiac sign is, scroll to the end of this post.

Wooden Dragons they are known for their motivation and career orientation. Their ambitions are high, and their ideas are often revolutionary. Unlike other Dragons, who are considered proud and arrogant, the Wood Dragon stands out for its modesty. Despite their leadership position, they like to surround themselves with trusted advisors.

When the Wooden Dragon enters the room, it attracts attention. Their power and success are undeniable, even in risky business ventures. Their mythical charm is simply stunning!

When were the Wooden Dragons born?!

Wooden Dragons are born in the years that are part 60-year cycle in Chinese astrology, specifically in years associated with the element of wood and the zodiac sign of the Dragon. Examples of such years are 1964 and 2024. So, every 60 years there is a year of the Wood Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. For example, the next time after 2024, the year of the Wood Dragon will occur again in 2084.

2024 will be the year of the Wooden Dragon
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Strengths and weaknesses

Wood Dragons are lively and full of enthusiasm, easily charming any social circle. They are quick to take advantage of opportunities and are not afraid of problems. They are perfectionists and mysteriously happy, always maintaining the high standards they set for themselves.

On the other hand, great ambition and wit bring a sense of self-sufficiency, which affects their personal relationships. They are passionate in love, but their passion fades quickly. They are often left alone as they are too busy with their own world.

The most compatible signs for the Wood Dragon are Monkey, Rat, Snake and Rooster. On the other hand, they do not get along well with signs such as the Dog, Rabbit, Wolf and Sheep.


Wooden Dragons are leaders by nature, stand out in their careers and are always in the center of attention. They are resourceful and sincere, and excel in roles where they can realize their ideas. Their aggressive approach is the key to success, but at the same time it hinders personal development.

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Wood Dragons are strong and balanced, but due to too much focus on work, they can neglect their health. Regular exercise and meditation are key to staying healthy.

Lucky things to look out for in the Year of the Wood Dragon - 2024 will be the year of the Wood Dragon

  • Numbers: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Colors: Gold, silver and grey
  • Flowers: Bleeding heart, lavender and hyacinth
  • Directions: West, North, Northwest

Unfortunate things

  • Numbers: 3, 9
  • Colors: Green, black, red, purple
  • Directions: Southeast

Wooden Dragon is a truly fascinating creature that conquers the world with its power and charisma. If you were born in the year of the Wood Dragon, this is your year to shine in all your glory!

2024 will be the year of the Wooden Dragon
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What the year brings to all signs of the Chinese horoscope - 2024 will be the year of the Wooden Dragon

The year 2024, which is in the sign of the Wooden Dragon, brings different influences on the individual signs of the Chinese horoscope. The Wood Dragon symbolizes growth, ambition and strength, so this year is likely to be full of opportunities for growth and development in various areas of life. Below are the predicted influences of the Wood Dragon on each of the twelve signs:

  1. Rat: Rats may experience a year full of challenges, but also opportunities for financial success and career advancement. It will be important to maintain flexibility and openness to new ideas.
  2. Buffalo: For Buffaloes, 2024 will be a year of stability and gradual progress. The work they started in the past may begin to pay off.
  3. Tiger: Tigers may experience a year full of energy and dynamism. This can be a good time to start new projects or make bold decisions.
  4. Rabbit: For Rabbits, 2024 may be a little more tense, as Dragon energy brings changes. Rabbits will need to adapt and be flexible.
  5. Dragon: The Wooden Dragon will be a year of strength and self-confidence for Dragons. This can be their year full of personal and professional development.
  6. Snake: Snakes may find 2024 to be a time for deep introspection and spiritual development. Good chances for financial success.
  7. Horse: Horses may experience a year full of social interaction and networking. This can be a favorable year for building new business and personal relationships.
  8. Goat: For Goats, 2024 may bring some challenges, but also opportunities for creative and emotional development. It will be important to find a balance between work and personal life.
  9. Monkey: Monkeys may experience a year full of surprises and learning opportunities. Good years for innovation and experimentation.
  10. Rooster: Roosters can look forward to 2024 as a time for hard work and dedication that will pay off in the end. Good opportunities for career growth.
  11. Dog: Dogs may find 2024 a time for reflection and focus on personal goals. It will be important to maintain a clear vision and be consistent.
  12. Pig: For Pigs, 2024 may bring mixed results. Luck and challenges are likely to be intertwined, so it will be important to maintain a positive attitude and be open to new possibilities.

Overall, the year Wooden Dragon it brings an energy of growth and transformation that can affect all signs in different ways. It will be important to be flexible and open to change, as 2024 can bring significant opportunities for personal and professional development.

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