Sylvester Stallone is making pens now, and this is a bizarre ad announcing them

Sylvester Stallone is known to the public as the star of Rocky and Rambo. Lately, he hasn't been devoting much time to his acting career, but that's why he attracted a lot of attention with the launch of his own line of pens.

Stallone, who more than clearly has a special love for pens, is involved in making his own of two Chaos fountain pens helped by the company Montegrappa.

The duo entered the scene with much fanfare, which they probably deserved the most absurd ad ever.

The ad convinces us from the very beginning that fountain pens are not only means of writing, but also have a symbolic meaning. Its creators always associate the pen with fire and they present it as a mighty weapon, with which any problem can be tackled. Stallone included in the product skeleton and a snake, which testify to the lethality of the fountain pen.

Do you dare to pick up a bold pen?
Do you dare to pick up a bold pen?

Although you will feel fearless with a pen in your hand, we must also warn you about his bad sides. A fountain pen should be as comfortable as possible in its base, but this is certainly not the case for an elongated quill of irregular shape. If you do not want to stand out in public with your possessions, we also recommend that you avoid the purchase.

Kitsch fountain pens will have to shell out obscene sums of money. The price of the more expensive model is incredible £42,750 respectively 48,610 euros.

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