There's nothing wrong with being sad sometimes!

"There are good days and bad days. The good days pass. You know that, and you think it's terrible. But the bad days pass too! Why don't you think about that and why doesn't that comfort you?" – Phil Bosmans

Sometimes it's okay to be sad. It doesn't mean that you're broken, that you're hurt, that you'll never be happy again, it just means that you're sad.

Sometimes we try to ignore the fact that sadness is also a part of life. Sometimes sadness comes in waves, sometimes it takes us away suddenly, it comes suddenly, in an instant. Maybe it's just a memory of something you've already forgotten and now that song, person, word has taken you back to the past, to the time when you experienced pain. Maybe because of the weather. Maybe someone reminded you of someone you lost. Loved.

It hurts, but believe me, it will pass!  You don't have to stay sad forever, take a step forward!

Perhaps your sadness came from the loss of a person, love, any loss. It doesn't stop hurting you. Sadness and mourning are emotions we don't like to talk about. We call them "dense darkness". It is easier to pretend that they are not there, that they do not exist, that they cannot reach your heart, but it will not do you any good. It will still hurt. It will hurt even more.

There is nothing wrong with being sad, with grieving. Crying over a loss doesn't mean you'll be sad forever. How do you climb to the other side if you're not going to do anything about it? If you're just going to sit and mourn and wait? You have to get up. Take a step forward.

There is nothing wrong with being sad, with a broken heart.
There is nothing wrong with being sad, with a broken heart.

It will hurt. A lot. Your heart will ache. Your mind will hurt, your body will hurt. But be brave, get up and move on. You don't need to stay there. You have to leave the pain in the past or it will eat away at you day by day.

Don't be afraid to feel!

Remember, even though you may think you are alone, you are not alone. There are people who want to help you get back up and move on. People with whom you will again feel that you can do it, that you are worthy, that you are coming back again, to your skin, to your body, to your essence.

There are people who have already felt how their bones are crushed under the weight of emotions and pain, how they are eaten away by despair. They will be happy to help you, guide you to the other side of grief, to become again what you were. Happy.

Just open their way to your heart. Accept them into your life, let them help you find your way, to the other side of sadness… to happiness!

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