Tips from a 103-year-old runner for a long, happy life!

Julia Hawkins is the oldest woman to compete in cross country, and her nickname, Hurricane Hawkins, says it all. Her persistence is immeasurable.

Julia Hawkins she started running only at 100 years old. Celebrating her 101st birthday, she set the record for her age group in the 100 meters with a time of 39.62 seconds. Last year, she took part in a cross-country event for seniors in Albuquerque, USA, where she won two gold medals. Her time was a few seconds off the record. She told the New York Times with a smile: "You know I'm two years older, right?" In an interview, she shared with readers some tips for a long and happy life.

Look for magical moments and enjoy them

Live for the good times. Julia says that you have to keep your eyes open to see and live for the good times. Think how many magical moments happen in a day, enjoy everyday things, the smell of flowers, sunrise and sunset, rainbow, birdsong, music, people. All these moments are free, but if you don't pay attention to them, you will miss them. They will pass you by unnoticed.

Maintain strong friendships

Julia takes time to have lunch with her friends almost every day. And also research confirm that sociable people are happier. Maintaining friendships and connections with people is what keeps you more vital.

Maintain strong friendships.
Maintain strong friendships.

Movement, movement, movement!

Julia advises: "Keep in good shape if you can." Before she started running, she competed as a cyclist in the Senior Olympics. She decided to run when cycling on hills became too strenuous. He does not want to give up movement, and if he is not running, he goes for long walks.

Find your passions

Find your passions, interests, activities that make you happy and keep your mind occupied. Do things you enjoy. She enjoys reading and gardening.

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