Rezvani Retro RR1: when classic design meets modern beast

Three versions, up to 750 horsepower!

Rezvani Retro RR1
Photo: Rezvani

As the motoring world pays tribute to a nostalgic legacy, but not without a modern touch of performance and exclusivity, enter the era of the Rezvani Retro RR1. This model brings a breath of fresh air to the world of Porsches, combining classic aesthetics with the technical excesses of today.

Forget conventional supercars; here's the RR1, which doesn't just dress up your 992 generation 911, it literally rebirths it with the spirit of the 935 Kremer racing cars of the late 70s. Calling on nostalgic times with a touch of futurism, the new front end features narrow, rectangular headlights reminiscent of those on the Taycan, and widened front flanks ending in a fixed rear wing. Shall we mention the turbofan bikes that we see as relics of a brighter future?

Photo: Rezvani

Whether your choice is a basic Carrera S, a wild GT3 or an unstoppable Turbo S, Rezvani offers a transformation to the RR1 550, RR 565 or RR1 750, where the numbers say it all: up to 750 horsepower (560 kW) on the track or 715 hp (533 kW) on the street. Of course, each model is equipped with all-wheel drive, which ensures that your beast will be handled like on rails even on wet asphalt.

And because at Rezvani they know that the devil lies in the details, there is no shortage of options for upgrades: improved suspensions, brakes, safety cages, racing belts and lightweight polycarbonate windows. For a touch of individuality, you can also come up with your own unique retro graphics. But be prepared to shell out - creativity has its price, which in this case amounts to an additional $25,450.

Photo: Rezvani

If you're tempted, start counting your Euros (or better yet, Dollars), because the base version of the RR1 will set you back $149,000. Of course, without the donor vehicle included. But hurry, because the price increases after the first five orders, and the total production is limited to 50 vehicles. So if you're ready to get your heart racing and the admiring glances from your neighbors, the Rezvani Retro RR1 is your next stop.

And remember, while you may be ready to jump into the past, the RR1 will bring you back to the future faster than you can say “retro is the new modern”.

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