Colorado Provencal: the stunning “Canyon Colorado” in the south of France

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Nature lovers will be surprised to hear that a stunning canyon reminiscent of the American Colarado is also located in Europe.

Have you been tempted by the canyons on the other side of the Atlantic for years? You don't have to go very far.

Colorado Provencal – Provence, France

Rustrel is a quiet and picturesque village with narrow streets lined with old stone houses and a wonderful view of Provence in south-eastern France. There are several restaurants and cafes in the village where visitors can try the local Provençal cuisine and visit a small market selling local products and crafts.

Photo: Unsplash/Yan Berthemy

The village is famous for its cliffs and rock formations, which have been mined for centuries to produce pigments used in art and industry. Nowadays there are rock formations a popular tourist spot, as the stunning canyon, reminiscent of the American Colorado, is visited annually by a number of tourists.

Rustrel is home Colorado Provençal, a natural area with a stunning landscape of red and yellow rock formations reminiscent of Colorado's canyons. Colorado Provencal is a great place for hiking and photography.

The former quarry and mine is now home to endless steep cliffs in shades of red, orange and yellow. The natural wonder covers more than 100 hectares, and the large amount of ocher in the soil has formed yellow and red rock formations over the centuries.

The Colorado Canyon and its legends

There is an interesting legend associated with the mentioned canyon, which circulates among the locals. An old legend says that the wife of the king of Roussillon is responsible for the reddish color of the fingers. During his reign there were rumors that the queen was in love with a local troubadour.

Photo: Unsplash/Yan Berthemy

The king could not accept this humiliation and became so angry that he had the troubadour killed and served him to his own wife for dinner. When she learned the truth, she was so shaken and sad that she threw herself off a cliff, and her blood stained the walls of Colorado Provencal.

Photo: Unsplash/Yan Berthemy

It is a fragile and sensitive part of nature that is easily damaged. That's why it's important not to leave any other traces behind than your footsteps. Stick to the marked trails and make sure you have enough drinking water available.

The most famous hiking trail is called Sahara and is two kilometers long. It leads around the most beautiful rock formations. For those who want a little more of a challenge, there is the Orange Sahara, which is four kilometers long. It also offers a view of the old mines and a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Rustrel Canyon.

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