How do you protect a teenager from addiction?

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Dear parents, are you interested in how to protect your teenager from addiction? Psychologists think so.

Many people turn to illegal drugs during their teenage years, so some parents are really desperate and wondering how to protect their teen from addiction. This can develop after only a few consumption of prohibited substances and destroy the life of a young person. In an article on Psychology Today, they shared some tips on how to prevent your teenager from falling into the clutches of addiction.

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However, research shows that those who have not tried illicit substances in their teenage years are unlikely to become addicted to alcohol or drugs later in life. Teenagers who start using illegal drugs before the age of 14 are most exposed to the risk of addiction. This data is not surprising, since the use of illegal substances disrupts the development of the brain. Studies show that with each year that young people do not try drugs, the likelihood of addiction decreases. In fact, with each passing year (between the ages of 13 and 21), the likelihood of developing lifelong addiction decreases by 4 % to 5 %.

Teenagers are under the most pressure because of trauma and stress, related either to social life or events in the family. The presence of only those in the family often leads them to experiment with drugs. Young people who get into drugs more often have little parental supervision at home, and moreover, they don't think much about their school responsibilities.

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Here are some tips on how to protect your teen from addiction:

  • Support from parents who know who their teenager hangs out with and know where he is and what he's interested in
  • Developing good, healthy coping skills, including “drug refusal skills”
  • A strong sense of belonging and responsibility towards school obligations
  • Clearly defined family rules of conduct
  • Appropriate parental rewards for good behavior
  • Healthy communication and clear expectations

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