Volkswagen Golf R 333: Limited edition up to 333 HP in 333 copies! A must for collectors!

Last time Golf - Volkswagen Golf R 333

Volkswagen Golf R 333
Photo: Volkswagen

Volkswagen is back on the scene with the unveiling of another hot novelty, the Golf R 333. In this limited edition of just 333 vehicles, they will be offered with an impressive 333 horsepower (KM) - or more technically, 328 "horsepower" (HP) or 245 kilowatts (kW). . Under the hood rumbles the familiar 2.0 TSI engine, which remains unchanged in torque, with a solid 420 Nm (or 309 pound-feet) compared to the regular Golf R. In all likelihood, it's the last of its kind, so it's aimed at collectors.

For the perfect impression, Volkswagen Golf R 333 wearing an eye-catching Lime Yellow Metallic color contrasted with black decals to indicate limited availability. There is also a special numbered plate on the dashboard on the passenger side, which further emphasizes the exclusivity of the vehicle. Unsurprisingly, this model comes with all the extras as standard, including matrix LED headlights, adaptive cruise control (with stop-start capability) and powerful 480-watt Harman Kardon sound system.

Volkswagen equipped this model with 19-inch black rims Estoril, shod with semi-slick tires and the R Performance exhaust system developed by Akrapovič, which includes titanium rear mufflers. To make it even more interesting, VW has released the electronic speed limiter, allowing the Golf R 333 to reach a top speed of 270 km/h (or 168 mph) after accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. That's a tenth of a second faster than the regular Model R!

Volkswagen Golf R 333
Volkswagen Golf R 333

VW will start taking orders for the Golf R 333 as early as tomorrow, June 2, in Germany. Production will begin in September, with the first customer deliveries scheduled for October, when VW will hold an event at its Autostadt complex for all buyers who choose to pick up the car in Wolfsburg.

Of course, such a limited edition does not come cheap. VW will charge €76,410 for the Golf R 333 on its home market in Germany, which is significantly more than the price of the 2022 Golf R 20 Years Edition, which was sold for €59,995. This price, although shocking, is in line with the exclusivity and performance offered by this remarkable car.

Volkswagen Golf R 333
Photo: Volkswagen

Interestingly, the United States didn't get the more powerful 20 Years Edition, but did get the regular-powered Golf R 20th Anniversary Edition. They also can't count on the Golf R Variant, which could be all some drivers will ever need.

Unfortunately, Volkswagen fans outside of Germany may have to wait for official news about availability in their countries. But for those who can get their hands on a Golf R 333, this is definitely an opportunity not to be missed. As the saying goes, "You can't have too much of a good thing", and the Volkswagen Golf R 333 certainly falls into that category.

On this occasion, it would be interesting to watch how this exclusive edition will stack up against other hot cars in the market like Renault Megane RS, Honda Civic Type R and Ford Focus RS. However, no matter how the competition appears, the Volkswagen Golf R 333 clearly offers its own unique fresh approach to compact sports car design that is hard to ignore.

So this is the Volkswagen Golf R 333: a limited edition that promises to deliver a hot and fast ride. Although it comes at a high price, it offers capabilities that go beyond what you'd expect from the average compact. This is a car for those who want something special - something that is as rare as it is exceptional. Don't miss the opportunity if it presents itself to you!

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