VW ID.7 Pro: Europe's best electric car 2024

A true rival to Chinese cars.

VW ID.7 Pro
Photo: Volkswagen

The VW ID.7 Pro represents the latest achievement in VW's electric vehicle development. With a completely new electric motor, improved aerodynamics and advanced functions, it sets new standards in its class.

Volkswagen (VW) decided to radically transform the world of electromobility with its ID line. This time he listened and in recent years has really learned what is right and what is wrong. The latest representative of this line, VW ID.7 Pro, is the culmination of these efforts. It is the fourth stage in the development of VW electric vehicles, where experience from previous models is interwoven with advanced technology and innovation. The first stage included the electrification of existing models, such as the legendary Golf, which, despite its smaller battery, surprised with good driving characteristics. The second level was more focused on sustainability, but did not always take into account the needs of customers, which was manifested in demanding software and complex applications. The third stage brought improvements to these aspects with facelifted models. Now we are witnessing the fourth stage, where the ID.7 Pro combines the best of the previous stages and brings a completely new concept with many advanced functions.

Photo: Volkswagen

Advanced electric motor and energy efficiency

The heart of the VW ID.7 Pro is a completely new electric motor called the APP 350, which is based on permanent magnet synchronous motor technology. This engine achieves superior efficiency through the 96 %, the result of extensive engineering work. When developing the engine, VW took care to increase the power, and at the same time they used segmented magnets and very thin electrical sheets, which reduces losses due to eddy currents. The gears in the transmission are also specially polished to reduce losses, and the cooling has been optimized. With all these measures, the engine achieved extremely high efficiency, which is extremely important, as we are approaching the theoretical limit of 100 % efficiency for electric motors.

Photo: Volkswagen

The ID.7 Pro has a battery capacity of 77 kWh, which provides enough energy for long drives. Despite the fact that the vehicle weighs 2,186 kg, the recuperation system allows the kinetic energy generated by the vehicle while driving to be returned to the battery. This functionality allows approximately 50-60 % of energy to be recovered, contributing significantly to the overall energy efficiency of the vehicle.

Aerodynamics and performance

The VW ID.7 Pro also stands out for its aerodynamic design, with a drag coefficient (cw) of 0.23, which is a remarkable achievement in this class of vehicle. This was achieved using a variety of techniques, including a long body design that allows for uninterrupted airflow along the vehicle, and optimizing the rear of the vehicle for cleaner airflow. The bottom of the vehicle is flat, which reduces air resistance, and even the design of the wheels and tires contributes to improved aerodynamics. For example, negatively embossed tire treads reduce the vane effect, which also reduces drag.

Photo: Volkswagen

In addition to aerodynamic improvements, the VW ID.7 Pro includes sporty 20-inch Bridgestone tires that contribute to better stability and shorter braking distances. Official energy consumption according to the WLTP standard varies between 14 and 16.3 kWh/100 km, which is an extremely good result considering the vehicle's performance.

Photo: Volkswagen

Actual consumption and range

The VW ID.7 Pro is designed for optimal energy consumption, which is reflected in its results on various test tracks. In very economical driving, with an average speed of just over 50 km/h, the consumption was only 13.5 kWh/100 km, which is below the official WLTP consumption. On the highway, at an average speed of around 100 km/h, the consumption was 17.3 kWh/100 km, which is slightly more, but still competitive considering the size and weight of the vehicle.

When it comes to range, the ID.7 Pro with its 77 kWh battery allows a realistic range of around 565 km in economical driving, which is above the expected WLTP value. On the highway at higher speeds, for example at a constant speed of 130 km/h, the range is about 350 km, which is still a very good result for such a large and powerful electric car.

Acceleration and braking

The VW ID.7 Pro is equipped with an electric motor that develops 210 kW (286 hp) and enables acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, which is quite comparable to sports vehicles in this class. Braking is also impressive, bringing the vehicle to a stop from 100 km/h in 34.4 metres, which is very close to industry bests. Despite the rear drum brakes, which have become increasingly popular on electric vehicles due to lower wear, the VW ID.7 Pro achieves excellent braking results.

Photo: Volkswagen

Advanced user experience

VW ID.7 Pro brings a groundbreaking user experience with a large 15-inch screen and intuitive menus. Large and clearly marked buttons allow easy operation while driving, which is crucial for safety and comfort. It is also worth emphasizing the advanced voice control that uses ChatGPT technology, which enables more natural and fluid communication with the vehicle.

However, some touch elements, such as climate and volume controls, are still less intuitive and require some tweaking. VW did improve the illumination of these fields, but a return to physical buttons might be a better solution for users. In general, the user experience is very good, but improvements in the area of sensitive fields or haptic keys could further improve the overall rating.

Electric car functions and assistance systems

The VW ID.7 Pro is equipped with the latest electric vehicle functions and assistance systems that enable optimal use and safety. One of the key functions is the heat pump, which improves the efficiency of heating and cooling and thus contributes to a greater range of the vehicle. In addition, the ID.7 Pro has the ability to pre-condition the battery, which means that the battery is heated or cooled to the optimal temperature before charging, allowing for faster charging.

Photo: Volkswagen

The vehicle also allows for bidirectional charging, which means that it can send energy from the battery back to the grid or power other devices. This functionality is still in the development phase and will be fully supported by appropriate charging stations in the future.

The VW ID.7 Pro also includes an advanced charging scheduling system that allows users to easily set charging targets and timeframes, contributing to better battery usage and lifespan. The driving assistance system includes many functions such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping system, side control and many others that ensure safety and comfort while driving.

Comfort and ride

The VW ID.7 Pro is designed for maximum comfort, which is reflected in the advanced suspension and double damping system. The vehicle uses a McPherson front suspension and a complex five-link rear axle, which enables stable and comfortable driving even on bad roads. Adaptive shock absorbers adapt to the driving situation, which ensures optimal comfort and driving.

Photo: Volkswagen
Photo: Volkswagen

One of the key advantages of the ID.7 Pro is its spaciousness. Despite the sporty design and large 20-inch rims, the vehicle maintains a high level of comfort on long journeys. The interior is spacious and offers plenty of space for both front and rear passengers, which is especially important for long drives.

Conclusion: VW ID.7 Pro - really good

The VW ID.7 Pro is an extremely powerful and comfortable electric car that sets new standards in its class. With advanced technology, improved aerodynamics and a superior user experience, the ID.7 Pro demonstrates VW's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the world of electromobility. It is a vehicle that combines the best of the previous phases of development and brings a completely new concept that is sure to impress both existing and new users of electric vehicles.

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