Li L8: An extremely interesting hybrid SUV that is taking China by storm and could take over the world

The latest edition of Li Auto features incredible range, comfort and technology

Li L8
Photo: Li L8

China's EV market is booming and Li Auto doesn't disappoint with its latest release, the Li L8. This six-seater SUV features an innovative electric range-extending hybrid system, luxurious comfort features and cutting-edge autonomous driving technology. Let's take a closer look at why the Li L8 is such a standout vehicle in a perfect market that continues to amaze us. China has quite a few manufacturers with similarly good products.

Li L8 by Li Auto is the company's latest product in the electric vehicle market. The Li L8 has a range-extending system that combines a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a 42.8-kilowatt-hour battery. This allows the Li L8 to achieve a CLTC range of 1,315 kilometers and a WLTC range of 1,100 kilometers while maintaining impressive fuel economy. It is otherwise a well-known formula, when the "engine" summons electricity as a range extender.

Photo: Li
Under the hood, the Li L8 boasts an impressive combination of power and efficiency. Its dual-motor four-wheel drive system, consisting of a five-in-one front drive unit and a three-in-one rear drive unit, provides total power 400 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. This powertrain allows the Li L8 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds, which puts him in a league of few of the most powerful SUVs in the world.

But the Li L8 is not just about efficiency. This SUV is also a comfortable and luxurious ride with features usually found only in high-end vehicles. Air suspension system Li Magic Carpet ensures a smooth ride, while the panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting and 19-speaker sound system create a truly immersive driving experience.

The Li L8 also boasts some impressive autonomous driving technology. The Pro trim level comes with Li AD Pro, the world's first mass-produced autonomous driving system, powered by a Chinese chip Horizon Robotics Journey 5. With 128 TOPS of computing power, this system provides efficient processing of fusion signals from high-resolution cameras, LiDAR, millimeter wave radars and ultrasonic sensors in real time. The Max trim level takes it even higher with Li AD Max, powered by dual chips Orin-X with 508 TOPS of computing power, which ensures even greater processing speed and redundancy.

One of the standout features of the Li L8 is its innovative smart space system. The Pro trim level features two 15.7-inch 3K LCD screens and a 19-speaker sound system, while the Max trim level boasts three 15.7-inch LCD screens, a 21-speaker sound system and 3D ToF transmitters. The smart space system is powered by a car chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155, which ensures smooth interaction and quick responses.

When it comes to interior space, the Li L8 really stands out. It is 5080 millimeters long, 1995 millimeters wide, 1800 millimeters high and has a wheelbase of 3005 millimeters. This provides outstanding passenger and storage space in the class, and even a 180-millimeter-wide passage in the second row for easy access to the third row.

Overall, the Li L8 is an interesting vehicle that shows how far they've come Chinese electric vehicles. With its innovative range-extending system, luxurious comfort features and cutting-edge autonomous driving technology, the Li L8 truly stands out in the crowded electric vehicle market.

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