Midnight sun: these are places where the sun "never" sets

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The midnight sun? Why not! If you long for eternal sunshine, consider visiting these places where the sun never sets.

Each of us rejoices in longer days, when the sun does not set until late, late in the afternoon. Some places in the north are lucky enough to be treated to a special phenomenon for a few weeks a year when the sun never sets - the midnight sun. 

Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland are located in the northern hemisphere. In winter, the days are extremely short there, and in summer they are extremely long. During the summer months, the sun can stay above the horizon in parts of Norway, Finland and Sweden for up to 24 hours, the midnight sun. In Iceland, the longest day of the year has about 24 hours of daylight, but the sun does not stay above the horizon all day.

In the winter months, the opposite happens, with only a few hours of daylight in the northernmost parts of these countries. This can mean a unique and unforgettable travel experience, especially for those who want to experience the beauty of the arctic circle. Due to their northern latitudes, Canada and Alaska also have long summer days and short winter days, and residents in non-later areas also enjoy the midnight sun.


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Part of Norway is located in the Arctic Circle and in some places the midnight sun lasts literally for months. On the Svalbard archipelago, the northernmost inhabited area in Europe, located halfway from the Norwegian mainland to the North Pole, the sun does not set below the horizon for more than four months of the year - from April 10 to August 23.

On the continent, the midnight sun lasts the longest Hammerfest, in the far north of the country. There are 76 days between May and July.


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In some parts of Finland, even south of the Arctic Circle, the sun only dips below the horizon for a few hours or less. Even the capital city of Helsinki has 24 hours of daylight in the summer, as the sun only dips below the horizon for a few moments and immediately rises again. In the northernmost parts of Lapland, the sun does not set for more than 70 days.

In a small town Utsjoki you can see the midnight sun from May 16 to July 27, in Kilpisjärvi from May 22 to July 25, and in Rovaniemi from June 6 to July 7.


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Kiruna, Sweden's northernmost city with a population of 19,000, does not see the sunset for almost 100 days a year (May to August). In fact, the midnight sun lasts 47 days, but it is customary to say one hundred because there is no real night for the other 53 days either. In most big cities, the day does not last exactly 24 hours, but it is still very bright.

If you find yourself in Stockholm, the sun will set around midnight and rise already around 4 am.


Photo: Unsplash/Maxime Gauthier

There are no mosquitoes on summer nights in Iceland, but neither are sunsets and darkness. At least in June. From May onwards, the nights in Iceland are very bright, and the day gets longer in the second half of June.

Grimsey Island in the Arctic Circle and the town Akureyri offer the best midnight sun experience in this island nation.


Photo: Unsplash/Mwangi Gatheca

Nunavut is a small town of about 3,000 people located in the extreme northwest of Canada, located about 2 degrees above the Arctic Circle. Here, the sun does not really set for 24 hours, for a full 60 days.

It is because of these phenomena Nunavut the second most popular tourist destination in Canada, after Toronto.


Photo: Unsplash/Jacky Huang

Until recently, Utqiaġvik, Alaska, was called Barrow. It is the largest city of North Slope County in America's northernmost state. Point Barrow is the northernmost point of the USA, located on the Arctic coast - the sun never sets here from the end of May to the end of July.

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