Suzuki eVX Concept: this will be the all-electric Suzuki

Suzuki eVX Concept; Photo: media.suzuki.co.uk

Suzuki has not yet introduced its all-electric car, but it will happen in 2025. Let's see what the first electric Suzuki will look like.

Suzuki eVX is an electric crossover that will see the light of day this year 2025. Not many details are known for now, but Suzuki has confirmed that the newcomer will have all the advantages of a long four-wheeled pedigree and the performance of modern electric cars. The compact SUV has a prominent and recognizable front part, and the off-road orientation is emphasized by short overhangs and robust tracks.

Suzuki eVX Concept; Photo: media.suzuki.co.uk

The Suzuki eVX will measure in length 4.3 meters, in width 1.8 meters and in height 1.6 meters. Based on these proportions, we can estimate that the concept is slightly longer and wider than the current Suzuki Vitara. The eVX will most likely have a battery with a capacity of approx 60 kWh, which should have enough energy for 550 kilometers a long way. Here we have to take into account that we are talking about the Indian MIDC standard, which is "more lenient" in terms of energy consumption compared to the European WLTP standard.

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