4 Ways Doctors Take Care of Your Immune System

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Doctors swear by these daily habits that boost your immune system and overall health and well-being.

The immune system is our engine that helps us overcome everyday stress. That is why it is important to know how to take care of and strengthen our immune system.

Enjoy the rainbow

Supplying the body with nutrients is extremely important for the functioning of the immune system. Body balance is the easiest to ensure with a balanced and varied diet, with foods that contain a lot of minerals and vitamins.

The famous Deepak Chopra, Ph.D. Med., otherwise the author of the book Living in the Light advises that you turn to a plant-based diet that contains all seven colors of the rainbow. This means a lot of fruit and vegetables and as much local produce as possible.

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Stay hydrated throughout the day

Our body needs water to function well, and the immune system is no exception. When exposed to a viral infection, our first line of defense is immunoglobulin A antibodies, which work most effectively when properly hydrated.

The most suitable liquid is water, even unsweetened tea. Make sure that you always have some liquid within reach, if you notice that you are not drinking enough (urine, feeling, headache,...) this may be the best way to remind yourself to drink enough liquid.

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Get moving

Studies show that just 20 minutes of exercise has an anti-inflammatory effect on our body and strengthens the immune system. It is best to exercise in the morning, if you can't lift weights, also in the afternoon.

Exercising in the evening, before going to bed, is not recommended, as it can cause sleep problems. You can also choose some completely simple activities, such as walking up the stairs instead of using the elevator, or using a bicycle to go to work.

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Nourish your body

It is impossible to get enough of some nutrients through diet alone. Let's say vitamin D, which is one of the key vitamins for strengthening the immune system. Between October and April, due to the lack and less intense sunlight in this part of Europe, we get much less of it than is needed.

That is why it is recommended to consume individual nutritional supplements, but before that you should consult your doctor about your intention. Probiotic nutritional supplements can also be beneficial in boosting your immune system, as the gut is closely related to our defense mechanism.

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