Cupra Born VZ: flirting with adrenaline, but somewhat innocent of electricity

It's only fast compared to its petrol brothers

Cupra Born VZ
Photo: Cupra

At a time when every car brand seems to want to be on the green side of power, SEAT spin-off Cupra is unveiling its first electric sports car, the Born VZ - which means "fast" in Spanish - you'd expect this electric hero to be transcended the boundaries of the known. But when we take a closer look at the specifications, we can't help but feel that the Cupra may have rolled up its sleeves a little too optimistically.

Imagine finding yourself at the starting line, surrounded by the smell of burnt electron, ready to race. Cupra Born VZ takes a deep breath, hers 322 horsepower (240 kW) and 545 Nm of torque send adrenaline pumping through your veins. But wait, nothing happened? Ah, really, it's electricity, there's no sound. Well, at least until 100 km/h brings you to 5.7 seconds, which for an electric car is… nice? In doing so, it shaved a good second off the regular version. You may not beat the time, but you will definitely beat someone in the Renault Twingo from 2001. At least as far as the top speed is concerned, which is no longer only 160 km/h with the CUpra Born. this is now - an "impressive" but realistically insufficient 200 km/h. But the Cupra Born VZ is like a student who has just exceeded the minimum criteria for success - 200 km/h is no small feat, but it could be more. True, 40 km/h more than its less driven relative is commendable, and in a world where speed is king, it seems that this king has been dethroned.

Photo: Cupra
However, the Cupra increased the net battery capacity by 2 kWh to 79 kWh and an estimated range of 570 (370 miles). The steering is sharper and additional suspension adjustments have been added for better handling, while the brakes are now more direct than before. There were a lot of problems here, because after a few brakings they started to overheat. And certain sounds have always been a constant.
Photo: Cupra
Photo: Cupra
And what about the shape? Well, to be honest, the Cupra Born VZ looks better than the Volkswagen ID.3, which is not difficult, because the ID.3 is designed with all the charm and charisma of a parking post. However, like most internet stars, the Cupra Born VZ loses its luster over time. Her design, which at first looks fresh and innovative, after a few years feels like 80s fashion - interesting for a retro evening, but somehow out of place in modern times. There is too much tightening of "curves" with botox, which after a few years hangs from the body in a not very attractive way.

In a world where the color of a car is more a statement of the owner's soul than just a selection from a catalog, Cupra offers its new Born VZ in the color “Dark Forest” or, for those more conservative souls, in “Midnight Black”. It's like deciding between attending a forest fairy masquerade ball or an elegant funeral. The new “VZ” logo glistens on the trunk, surrounded by a dark chrome look that echoes the writing “Cupra” like the whisper of shadows admiring their reflection.

The interior brings a pair of hugger seats that didn't share their home with lower models because they clearly have better things to do than hang out with paradise. These seats, which have already seen the light of day in some sports cars with internal combustion engines, including the Formentor VZ5, which borrows a five-cylinder engine from Audi, are like borrowing sugar from a neighbor, only that neighbor is an Audi.

Photo: Cupra
For the range-topping Born model, Cupra increased the size of the infotainment system screen by a monumental 0.9 inches to 12.9 inches because, as we know, screen size counts almost as much as TVs in the automotive industry. More importantly, the sliding touch for the climate and volume controls is finally illuminated, which is a revolutionary discovery, like finally discovering that the light at the end of the tunnel is actually a switch. For an extra price, you can get the optional 10-speaker, 425-watt Sennheiser sound system, because if you can't drive faster than everyone else, at least they can play your songs louder. As standard, the VZ version has paddles mounted next to the steering wheel to choose between three levels of energy recuperation, because apparently even electric cars need some sportiness, even if it's just an illusion.

Like any true love story with a Spanish car, the Cupra Born VZ comes with the promise of passion and dynamism, but also comes with quality concerns. It's like dating someone who looks like a dream but has a habit of letting you down just when you need them the most. We hope that at Cupra they have thought about it and put a lot of emphasis on quality. She really limped there in the past.

Cupra Born VZ he's like that friend from high school who always promised that one day he would make it for real. He has potential, sure, but when it comes time to prove himself, he somehow always lacks that spark. It's a cute idea, and if nothing else, it offers an alternative in a world where every other car seems to be either a Tesla or some boring electrical box. While its speed may be more of a joke than it is, and its design fades quickly, the Cupra Born VZ is proof that the automotive industry is trying to be innovative. So if you're ready for a love affair with a Spanish electric car that promises more than it can possibly deliver, the Cupra Born VZ might just be for you. Just remember that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. And in this case, the journey is definitely more interesting than the final speed.

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