Experts advise: Why drinking coffee in the morning is not recommended

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Are you one of those who can't do without coffee in the morning? For many, this delicious drink is the main tool that fills them with energy and drive for a new day in the early hours. However, according to experts, it can also be harmful. We asked why drinking coffee first thing in the morning is not the most beneficial and what alternative you can choose.

Morning ones alarm, immeasurable fatigue and desire for coffee– these are the things that accompany the resurrection of many. Only after the first sip of this delicious drink, theirs thoughts clear up and it seems to them that they are finally on a new day ready.
However, experts believe that coffee first thing in the morning it is not the best solution - you may think that it is feel much better, but your body is not thanking you in any way. We asked why it is so and what kind an alternative you can find.

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Why can morning coffee be harmful?

Experts warn that the coffee you drink in the morning can on an empty stomach, causes hormonal imbalance. That's because this drink increases cortisol level: a hormone that is released at stress, but also regulates blood sugar. Cortisol levels are normal highest in the morning, and caffeine can be his production changes and thus causes large amounts to begin to be released in the morning instead of in the morning other parts of the day, say in the evening.
Excess cortisol has a bunch negative effects: may lead to an increase in quantity blood sugar, sleep problems and even weight gain. It can also cause changes in women menstrual cycle.

Instead of coffee, have a glass of water Photo: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

What are the alternatives?

Experts advise that instead of coffee in the morning you prefer to reach for a glass of water. Our body really needs it at that time hydration, which will thus receive it in the fastest and healthiest way. You can also choose instead of water lemonade or the water in which you mixed it 2 spoons of honey and a pinch of cinnamon.
You don't have to drink coffee completely cancel: you can have it after you've had a drink a few glasses of water or eaten healthy breakfast. In this way you will receive energy, which you cannot do without in the morning, and you will also take care of health your body.

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