5 signs that you have a toxic relationship with yourself

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In addition to toxic family and romantic relationships, toxic self-relationships are also very common. How to recognize a toxic attitude towards yourself?

In this article, we reveal the signs that show that you have a toxic relationship with yourself. Of all relationshipsthat we have in life is the most important relationship with ourselves. This can become toxic when certain negative patterns and behaviors begin to emerge. It's important to recognize the signs that indicate this, because that's when you start neglecting your own needs.

1. You are extremely critical of yourself, as well as others

When you make a small mistake at work or say something unpleasant in society, your reaction is probably to be hard on yourself. When you can't forgive yourself imperfections or errors, you tend to get "stuck" in negativity, in feelings of shame and guilt. Taking responsibility when you do something wrong is important, but overthinking and punishing yourself for it can easily become toxic behavior.

2. You excuse unhealthy habits

It is important that take care of yourself and make healthy decisions, but when you're in a toxic relationship with yourself, it's easy to turn to habits that have the opposite effect. A toxic self-relationship is one that focuses on unhealed self-hatred, and this can lead to unhealthy behaviors, including substance abuse problems, eating disorders, self-harm, self-sabotage, and choosing toxic friends and romantic partners.

A toxic relationship makes you unworthy, flawed, or worthless.
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3. You make too many sacrifices

Constantly sacrificing your own needs to satisfy others shows a toxic attitude towards yourself. If you are constantly trying to make others happy, in doing so but you neglect your desires, your needs and especially your mental health, this is a sign that you are primarily toxic to yourself. It's important to be your own priority and put yourself and your needs first, regardless of what others say.

4. You have low self-esteem

Have you ever thought of yourself as a bad person who doesn't deserve love, or have you? felt unworthy, deficient or worthless? If you are, it means that you probably have very low self-esteem and confidence, which is a clear sign of a toxic attitude towards yourself. If you regularly look in the mirror and mentally insult yourself, consider yourself stupid, or feel that you don't deserve any kindness or compassion, especially from yourself, then you may be subconsciously being a toxic and toxic partner to yourself.

5. You seek validation from others

Receiving a compliment from a stranger or hearing encouraging words from a loved one can make you feel much better, and a promotion or praise at work can also boost your self-esteem. But if you're looking for this kind of validation from other people more often than usual, you might want to think about why that is. If you regularly rely on other people, to feel good about yourself, you are no longer authentic in your communication and interactions with others because you are focused on seeking validation from them. Remember that you will be much more confident and have a more positive self-image if you learn to praise and give compliments.

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