How to accept and love yourself as you really are

Kako se sprejeti in ljubiti.
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Over the years we have to learn how to accept and love ourselves. We come to earth as young souls with a pure mind and heart. We know nothing about how evil and cruel this world is. Nothing about how dangerous people can be. Nothing about what lies ahead. We just exist.

Why is it important to learn how to accept and love? In the beginning, we trust our instincts, do things when we feel like doing them, play, create, give and love without holding anything back.

And then we grow up. We replace these feelings with fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Imagine how beautiful this world would be if we knew how to love each other. If we would learn to accept ourselves with all our flaws and forgive our mistakes.

There are 5 ways ahead of you, how to accept and love yourself or learn what it really means self love!

1. Look in the mirror and say to yourself - I love myself

It really works. Sometimes you don't even have to speak. It is enough to just look into your face and observe your flaws that make you who you are. Don't forget to look deeper and accept those parts of yourself that are not always visible. Your failures, mistakes, fears and insecurities.

Happiness is in you. Photo: Andre Furtado / Pexels

2. Do things that make you happy

Do whatever lifts your spirits, gives you a reason to get up in the morning and be the best version of yourself. Don't apologize to anyone for this. Do it with love.

3. Try positive affirmations

All you need to make them work is your faith. You have to believe that anything you put your mind to is possible. That no matter how hard it is to make something happen, there is a way to make it happen.

Be what you are. Be different. Photo: Ferdinand studio / Pexels

4. Stop comparing yourself to others

Silence those voices in your head. It is because of your uniqueness and strangeness that you are the most wonderful. You are special because of your good qualities, but also because of your weaknesses and faults. No one else is like you.

5. Don't doubt yourself

Stop doubting yourself. Stop judging yourself. Embrace your true essence. The one that is deep inside you. The one you're trying so desperately to hide. This is the real version of you. It is what you are. Fall in love with your every imperfection and every flaw that makes you special.

Accept and love yourself as you really are.

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