5 steps to overcome phone addiction

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In recent years, mobile phones have become our irreplaceable companions - not only do we use them to communicate with our loved ones and colleagues, but they also allow us to check news about the world, know where we are, and enjoy moments of fun. Therefore, it is no surprise that many people find that they are somewhat addicted to the phone, which can have extremely negative effects on the functioning of the brain, the quality of sleep, the way of thinking... That is why we have prepared for you 5 steps on how to overcome phone addiction.

1. Put the phone down in the evening

Addiction to the phone is a common problem, which is well known even to the manufacturers of these devices themselves. That's why you'll find an option on most cell phones "idle time", which will allow you to not receive calls, messages, e-mails... as notifications.
We suggest that you set the idle time on your phone in the evening. Experts note that it is the use of electronic devices that is right before sleep one of the main reasons that it is the quality of our sleep worse. When you choose an alternative, we recommend quiet activities: reading, listening to light music, meditation

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2. Limit your app usage

The phone also allows you to time limit operation of specific applications– when you use them, e.g. 30 minutes, your device will alert you that it is time expired. This is a great option for those who are too quick to spend on social networks long hours and completely they lose track of time.
If you are used to spending a lot of time on social networks, we suggest you start a "detox". gradually. There's nothing wrong with indulging a day 10 minutes of fun on Tik Tok, Facebook or Instagram - it's just important not to let apps diminish yours productivity and quality of life.

3. Do not charge your phone next to your bed

Experts do not recommend using the phone even in the first moments when wake up. Not only can you screw up that way a calm morning routine, but you can also put a feeling into your thoughts nervousness: already in the first moments of the day you will feel that something you are late.
That's why we suggest you start your days with morning meditation or positive affirmations. Instead of feeling it right away in the morning worries regarding what is happening in the world or focused their thoughts on what was happening on social networks, you will thus be filled with motivation and startup for a new day. Don't worry: you won't be that way missed out nothing at all.

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4. When you are in company, be present

Many people are constantly using their devices used to to the extent that he takes her completely in his hands unconsciously. Therefore, it is very important to be in society make a conscious decision, that you will phone postponed and then whenever you feel the urge to use it, stop it.
Not only will you be yourself in this way improved interpersonal relationships, but you will also be more present at the very moment. You will be able to pay attention listened to friend's explanation, they laughed at her completely no distractions, dedicated to their children uninterrupted attention

5. Do not use your phone for one day a month

Experts advise to determine one day a month, when on the phone you will not use. This technique has been extremely effective in other types of addictions, helping people break out of the condition constant freckles and defeated anxiety, which was associated with non-use.
We suggest that you ask one of the family members to phone that day tidy up. Then fill your schedule with fun ones activities: a day without a phone will be much more difficult if you spend it at boredom. That's why it's a great idea trip, and also visiting relatives, sports activity... If your workplace is unavailable for 24 hours does not allow, we suggest you choose a shorter period of time or ask a family member to pay attention to yours as well notifications.

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