Do you also "saw" at night? This study says that people who snore age faster

Do you have to put up with your partner's annoying snoring every night, or maybe you snore yourself (and don't want to admit it)? If, despite your requests, he does not stop making annoying noises, we suggest that you show him the results of the research that we are presenting this time.

A new study published in the journal Sleep, came to the conclusion that it should sleep breathing disorders, which also includes snoring, accelerated the aging process. It comes to them mainly because of lower blood oxygen saturation levels and short arousals.

Researchers have found that respiratory disorders age the human body by an average of 215 days, and sleep disorders for what 321 days.

Do you snore, snore, snore?
Do you snore, snore, snore?
Research Manager Xiaoyu Li, a postdoctoral fellow at the Boston School Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, emphasizes that biological age should not be equated with chronological age. At the same time, he adds that the research was based biological evidence, which explain effects of respiratory disorders on health.

The team analyzed health status during the research 622 adults, focusing on DNA methylation and sleep patterns. The results showed that they were women more subject to faster biological aging than men.

A study shows that those who snore are said to age faster.
A study shows that those who snore are said to age faster.

The researchers plan to conduct a new study in the future to check whether available treatment methods really help to slow down the aging of the body.

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